Titre : Lean Six Sigma x.0 - 2. Discernible problems and methodological foundation
Auteur : Youri Buffe
Éditeur : Lean Six Sigma Belgium & France
Illustrateur : Youri Buffe
ISBN : 9782931059129
Type : Livre
Reliure : Livre broché
Pages : 184 noir et blanc et 30 couleur
Type de papier : 120g offset blanc
Format : 155x240

  • Résumé

    Lean Six Sigma x.0 provides an integrated, unified and comprehensive approach to Lean Six Sigma as a general method for statistical problem solving. This second volume presents the business deployment of the approach and the generic DMAIC methodological protocol. Based on an original definition of statistical problems, it teaches the fundamentals of "discernible" statistical problems solving and the basic principles of Six Sigma. The book is intended for students and teachers in Lean Six Sigma as well as operational improvement practitioners who wish to go beyond the acquisition of recipes and develop their practices on a solid theoretical basis. n

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