Titre : Happiness Planner
Sous-titre : Happy Mind Happy Body
Auteur : Marion Strachan
Éditeur : Marion Strachan
Illustrateur : Rezki
ISBN : 9781638218111
Type : Livre
Reliure : Livre relié
Pages : 0 noir et blanc et 58 couleur
Type de papier : 100g offset blanc
Format : 150x215

  • Résumé

    Sometimes, life can be difficult and bring unwelcome challenges. Things may not go the way you want, and stress and negativity can overwhelm you. It is absolutely normal to have ups and downs, but the key is to always see the positive side of life’s trials.

    The idea is to allow everyone to take care of themselves through a journal planner that will help you find your inner “you” and flourish by practicing the power of positive thinking, gratitude and personal development. On the menu, there is an agenda, pages to write down our prideful thoughts but also our doubts, quotes and games throughout the pages, to be super confident and believe in the future.

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