Titre : Beyond Yoga and Tantra
Sous-titre :
Auteur : Giovanni Bosmans
Éditeur : Giovanni Bosmans
Illustrateur : tante pee visual communication
ISBN : 9789464817737
Type : Livre
Reliure : Livre broché
Pages : 98 noir et blanc et 30 couleur
Type de papier : 120g offset blanc
Format : 140x216

  • Résumé

    Do you want to discover a treasure that will bring you lasting joy and bliss?You won\\'t find that treasure outside of yourself. Neither diamonds nor loved ones will give you lasting peace and bliss.The great thing is that this treasure is already hidden inside you, and all you need to do is uncover it.You will use your body on your quest.In this booklet, Eastern wisdom from Tantra, Buddhism, and Hinduism is provided to help you.We will go on a journey of discovery together.Your house and the world are on fire. Let this book help you put out the fire.

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