Titre : ZOOM, The world of dance
Auteur : Rashead AMENZOU
Éditeur : Rashead AMENZOU
Illustrateur : Baryo-Lepto
ISBN : 9789464064216
Type : Livre
Reliure : Livre broché
Pages : 216 noir et blanc et 0 couleur
Type de papier : 90g offset ivoire (bouffant)
Format : 148x210

  • Résumé

    This book is focused mainly on hip hop dance. The other disciplines, rap, graff and djing are also studied but for us, it is the dance that we are going to dissect so that it no longer has any secrets for you. Whether you are a dance lover, have a special interest in culture or even are interested because a family member practices this dance: this book is for you! it is also conceived for all professional and non-professional dancers and for dance teachers. If you already have in-depth knowledge, this book will enrich your terminological and historical knowledge. Indeed, one can know almost everything about break dancing and ignore everything about Rocking for example. One can know some things about popping and not know anything about locking, house, Krump, voguing, Whacking ...

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